Thursday, December 5, 2013

Something NEW from Order of the Seers - The Ominous Book Tour

Have you ever wondered what life was like for Liam while they were on the run or if Lilli ever had a vision of Marcus and Alessandra before they arrived at the commune?  What was Marcus' life like before the Guild and how did Alessandra cope with her estranged relationship with Liam?

Now is your time to find out.  

December 4-25th hosted by Prism Books Tour

December Dates
4 - Launch
5 - My Love For Reading Keeps Growing
Read peoples minds
7 - All That's Written
to know when people are liars
9 - Kelly P's Blog
super-fast healing! ;-)
10 - Cu's Ebook Giveaways
shape shifting >^.^<
11 - The Wonderings of One Person
reading minds
13 - The Real Deal
see into the future
15 - Nocturnal Predator Reviews
If I could have any super power I'd pick Mind Reading 
because I would love to know what everyone really thinks about me C:
16 - Life As Leels
To know when someone is lying!
17 - Painted Words
Hmmm stopping time? I'm not sure lol
19 - Literary Time Out
something that would get dinner on the table automatically, but I'm not sure what kind of power that would be :)
20 - AUDIOBOOK of Order of the Seers RELEASED!
22 - Colorimetry
I want to fly!
24 - Dalene's Book Reviews
The ability to be in two places at once or to jump places 
25 - Merry Christmas Grand Finale!

Each date of the tour, you will find book reviews, excerpts and EXCLUSIVE, never-before-seen letters, notes and interviews from Liam and Lilli Knight, Alessandra Pino and Marcus Akida that will give you new insight into the deepest thoughts and hidden secrets of each character.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover something NEW about Order of the Seers and WIN an array of exciting prizes, including:

  • Signed copies of Order of the Seers and The Red Order, along with a reuseable Order of the Seers tote bag and bookmarks 
  • An Order of the Seers Anniversary t-shirt (large)
  • An ebook copy of Order of the Seers on each blog stop, and 
  • A copy of the soon-to-be released audiobook for Order of the Seers.
I've participated in quite a few blog tours, but never one like this.  I am excited to bring something unique to fans of the Trilogy and give new readers a little taste of what's in store for them once they dive into the books. So please ~ stop by, enter to win, find out something new and HAVE FUN!  Special thanks to Laura and Tressa for making all this possible. :-)


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing...Black Speculative Fiction Month!

October IS Black Speculative Fiction Month and I am so excited to introduce you to some truly talented voices in the world of sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy and horror literature.

The opportunity to bring these authors to you is something near and dear to my heart because, at some point during every convention where I have exhibited, someone walks up to my table in shock and innocently expresses their surprise that I am a black woman writing science fiction.  Often, they tell me that they didn't know that there was anyone of color writing in the science fiction genre.  Well, this month, I am so pleased to introduce you to a group of black writers, both men and women, who are putting out some amazing work that I think you will enjoy.

Throughout October, I will be posting my video reviews of some speculative fiction novels by indie authors of color that I think are just out of this world! I will post them here on my blog, as well as on Twitter and the Order of the Seers Facebook Page.  All of these books are available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon, so when you find one that peaks your interest, give it a try!

In addition to the fine authors featured on my videos, you can find out more about other black speculative fiction authors by clicking on the featured links below and visiting  There are events happening all over the country, from Chicago to NY, DC to Atlanta (including a giveaway that I will be hosting with MV Media at New York Comic Con).  If you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and get to know a new and exciting author.

If you have read a speculative fiction novel by an author of color that you would like me to shout out, please respond below with a little information about the book and why you love it! Thanks Again and Happy Reading!

~ Check Out These New Voices in Speculative Fiction ~

1 Oct The Importance of Black Speculative Fiction by Balogun Ojetade

2 Oct The Laroarian Conflict by A. Jarrell Hayes

3 Oct Iniko by Alicia McCalla

4 Oct The Constant Tower by Carole McDonnell

7 Oct Between Dusk and Dawn by Lynn Emery

8 Oct Taurus Moon Relic Hunter by D K Gaston

9 Oct The Other Realm by Deatri King-Bey

10 Oct The Serpent Cult by Howard Night

11 Oct Sin Eaters-Devotion Book One by Kai Leakes

14 Oct The Seedbearing Prince: Part I by DaVaun Sanders

15 Oct Spell by Janell

17 Oct Woman of the Woods by Milton Davis

21 Oct Masoth The Journey Beyond by Ehav Ever

22 Oct Hayward's Reach by Thaddeus Howze

23 Oct Order of the Seers (Book I in the Order of the Seers Trilogy) by Cerece Rennie Murphy
25 Oct  The Switch II: Clockwork by Valjeanne Jeffers

28 Oct The Temptation of John Haynes by Shawn James

29 Oct  Mamaluke Bath  by Andrew Asibong

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Order of the Seers is 1 Year Old TODAY! - Let's Celebrate!

A Year Ago Today.....

I can't believe my book baby is 1 year old. *sniff sniff*
Order of the Seers was published!  Man, when I think about how scared I was back then, it is just shy of a miracle that I didn't just pull the plug and hide under a rock.  Twelve months later, I am so glad I didn't because YOU made the difference.  To everyone who has read, reviewed, recommended and/or encouraged me on this journey...this day is for you.  And unlike a year ago, when all I wanted to do was throw-up, today I want to CELEBRATE and almost nothing makes me happier than giving away presents - so I have a bunch of 'em lined up for you over the next 7 days (from Hump Day to Hump Day), including:

  • Signed Copies of both Order of the Seers and The Red Order
  • Signed Copies of the brand NEW Order of the Seers poster
    Tah-DaH!  You like?
  • Order of the Seers reusable bags stuffed with bookmarks, candy (I LOVE Starbursts) and a $5 gift certificate to purchase an ebook of your choice on Amazon or

    The goodies are INSIDE!
  • Order of the Seers T-shirts with the new poster image
  • And last, but not least, one (1) 4-Day Pass to NY Comic Con on October 10th - 13th in New York City.  You can't buy these, 'cause they are SOLD OUT!!!
  • (plus anything else I can come up with on short notice)
There will be different fun tasks to do throughout each day that will help us get to know each other better and share this special milestone. Most tasks will be announced on the Order of the Seers Facebook page, which you can check out here.  But if you aren't into facebook, I will also be posting the tasks on my Twitter account @cerecermurphy. To answer, you can post directly on Facebook, tweet me back or email me at Feel free to share this information with your family and friends, so they can join in the fun and maybe even win a prize. 

As always, thank YOU so much for sharing this journey with me!  I'm looking forward to having fun with you!

~ Cerece

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Blog Post of Shame....

Ok...I can't believe that it's been over 2 months since my last post.  That's just crazy!  Where did the summer go?

I hope you've had a great one.  Mine has been everything - thrilling with the release of The Red Order, busy as hell with events, promotions, etc., hectic with kids in camp, deeply upsetting with all the events going on in our world from the Boston Marathon Bombing to the Trayvon Martin case to chemical warfare allegations in Syria and finally, strangely creative with just a flood of story ideas that I look forward to pursuing. I've also been reading - a lot - and that has been a consistent source of joy for me. (You can see my summer reading list here.) And in the midst of all of that, I have been working on the third and final book in the Order of the Seers Trilogy.:-)

Dear Summer...linger just a little longer...

I want to thank each person who has taken the time to read my work and support this great adventure of mine.  It just means the world to me each time I read a review or hear from someone that you enjoyed the books.  I appreciate your time and enthusiasm more than I could ever tell you.

I am working on some things to share with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.  If you will be in Baltimore, MD on September 7th and 8th, stop by Baltimore Comic Convention and see me @ booth A15.  I'll be selling and signing copies of Order of the Seers and The Red Order, giving away candy and reusable Order of the Seers bags (with purchase) and chatting folks up.  I'd love to see you.

In the meantime, enjoy the last few days of summer while you can.  I'll be back soon with more thoughts on the summer, a full report on my reading list and announcements on a few things I have in store....

Happy Labor Day Everyone!  And, as always, if you're out there, thanks for reading!

~ Cerece

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The AMAZING Red Order Blog Tour!

6 more days to go....

The release of The Red Order is less than a week away! So now it's time to take this puppy on the road. It's time for...THE AMAZING RED ORDER BLOG TOUR! From June 12th to June 26th, the following blogs have graciously agreed to feature series spotlights on the Order of the Seers Trilogy, interviews with me, reviews on The Red Order and spread the word about our sensational blog tour contest where you can win one of three prizes:

THE GRAND PRIZE: Autographed copies of Order of the Seers and The Red Order, 2 bookmarks, and a gift bag
THE 2nd prize: Autographed copy of The Red Order. 2 bookmarks and a gift bag
THE 3rd Prize: Autographed copy of The Red Order and a bookmark.

Plus - if you visit each blog on the tour AND leave a comment, one lucky gal or guy will get a BONUS SURPRISE.  {Psst...a little birdie told me it might have something to do with an exclusive sneak peak at the first few chapters of the final book in the Order of the Seers trilogy, but you didn't hear it from me ;-) }

So head on over to these fine blogs in THE AMAZING RED ORDER BLOG TOUR, learn somethin' new about yours truly and win a prize.  Have fun and see you on June 18th!

The AMAZING Hosts of The Red Order Blog Tour

6/12- The Reading Café (series spotlight)
6/13- Romance Junkies (interview)
6/14- Cocktails and Books (series spotlight)
6/15- Buffy’s Ramblings (series spotlight)
6/15 – Scorching Book Reviews (series spotlight)
6/16- You Gotta Read Reviews (series spotlight)
6/16 – The Next Chapter (series spotlight)
6/17- Paranormal Book Club (Guest Post & Review)
6/18- Book Monster Reviews (Guest Post)
6/20- Beach Bum Reads (series spotlight)
6/21- Night Owl Reads (series spotlight)
6/22-  Books, Books & More Books (series spotlight)
6/22 – Fandom Fanatic (series spotlight and interview)
6/23 – Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews (series spotlight)
6/23 – Urban Girl Reader (series spotlight)
6/24- Toot’s Book Reviews (interview & review)
6/25-  LITERAL ADDICTION (series spotlight & excerpt)
6/25 – Wicked Reading by Tawania (series spotlight)
6/25 – Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies Oh My! (Interview)
6/26-  Mad Hatter Reads (interview)
6/26 – Nette’s Bookshelf (series spotlight)

Special thanks to Carla Gallway at Book Monster Promotions for making all of this amazingness possible!  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Meaning of Bad A** ~ The Red Order Giveaway Contest

The second book in the Order of the Seers Trilogy is coming out this June, but I've got 3 advanced reader's copies in my hot little hand that I can't wait to giveaway right now.  :-)

All you have to do to win one is show me your passion and creativity.  Show me your unique take on the world.  Show me the meaning of BAD ASS.  

If you were a superhero (as opposed to just plain super), what would your superpower be and how would you use it to make the world a better place? Everyday you do amazing things, great and small, that can save someone's life (even if you don't know it), but rarely do we get the chance or seize the opportunity to go full throttle, sword-wielding, gamma ray slinging superbad. 

How Would YOU Save The World?

So let your superhero out and show me what you've got.  We may not all look as good as he does in a pair of blue metallic tights, but I know you can wow me.  

Go On. Tell Me...I'm Listening.

p.s. And please don't forget to use your x-ray vision to select the "subscribe by email" link at the bottom of the comments section when you post your message, so that you will receive notification when I post the winners on Monday, May 6th.  :-)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finishing the Race....

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke

An act like what happened in Boston yesterday is not just meant to stop an event. It is also designed to steal our spirits...our belief in each other and that good is ALWAYS stronger than evil. And I thought to myself, just a moment ago, I am not going to let that happen.

Then I thought, we should finish the race. For all the people who couldn't, we should finish the race. Tomorrow, I am going to run a mile. I hate to run. I'm out of shape and not good at it, but tomorrow I am going to do it because I just want whoever set off those bombs to know that they can't stop us from loving and doing the things we love. There are too many of us and we are more powerful than they will ever be. So tomorrow, I am going to run like I love it. I am going to run like someone with the courage, stamina and determination to enter the Boston Marathon. 
 If you want to, I invite you to run, walk, or strut with me. But whatever you do, let's send a message that we are good men and we will not do nothing.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Red Order is Coming....

You'll have to wait until June to get the book, but you can check out the cover and the first 2 chapters of The Red Order right now! 

How does this cover make you feel?  Let me know to win a book!

I am so excited, I'm about ready to burst; so, we're having a party to celebrate!  On Feb 1st, each blog listed below is hosting a contest to win one ebook copy of Order of the Seers.  So, stop by, hang out and enter to win!  Special thanks to Carla for pulling this all together. You rock!  

You can also find the link to the first 2 chapters of The Red Order right here. And while you're at it, tell me what you think of The Red Order cover.  Give me the first 3 words that pop into your head and one of you will win a paperback copy of Order of the Seers signed, with love, by me.

Have a great day!

~ Cerece

Thursday, January 3, 2013

What R U Capable Of?

The future is only the beginning...what are you capable of?
Here’s the truth…something I have never said in an interview or to anyone who doesn’t know me very well.  

Order of the Seers is about you (and me).

Sure, it’s wrapped in a sci-fi adventure that I hope keeps you interested, but that’s not really the point.  The real question is not how will the Seers escape?  The real question is how will you? –

-        - from your own fears
-        - from the shackles of other people’s expectations and limitations for you
-         - from your own ignorance of who and what you really are

What would your life look like if you understood your true purpose and potential? 

What would you do?

What would you be capable of?

I crawl towards my own answers to these questions every day, helplessly dragging my fears behind me.  But I keep moving because I desperately want to know…to free myself and LIVE.

The good news is the farther I go, the clearer the answers become to me.  The bad news is that, most days, I barely lift my head up to see how far I’ve come.  

So I ask you again…what are you capable of?  What are your fears? What are your triumphs? Tell me and maybe we can help each other along the road we make as we discover it.

As always, if you're out there, thanks for reading!
~ Cerece
This post was inspired by The Icarus Deception, written by the continually encouraging Seth Godin and this video.