Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Meaning of Bad A** ~ The Red Order Giveaway Contest

The second book in the Order of the Seers Trilogy is coming out this June, but I've got 3 advanced reader's copies in my hot little hand that I can't wait to giveaway right now.  :-)

All you have to do to win one is show me your passion and creativity.  Show me your unique take on the world.  Show me the meaning of BAD ASS.  

If you were a superhero (as opposed to just plain super), what would your superpower be and how would you use it to make the world a better place? Everyday you do amazing things, great and small, that can save someone's life (even if you don't know it), but rarely do we get the chance or seize the opportunity to go full throttle, sword-wielding, gamma ray slinging superbad. 

How Would YOU Save The World?

So let your superhero out and show me what you've got.  We may not all look as good as he does in a pair of blue metallic tights, but I know you can wow me.  

Go On. Tell Me...I'm Listening.

p.s. And please don't forget to use your x-ray vision to select the "subscribe by email" link at the bottom of the comments section when you post your message, so that you will receive notification when I post the winners on Monday, May 6th.  :-)