Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The AMAZING Red Order Blog Tour!

6 more days to go....

The release of The Red Order is less than a week away! So now it's time to take this puppy on the road. It's time for...THE AMAZING RED ORDER BLOG TOUR! From June 12th to June 26th, the following blogs have graciously agreed to feature series spotlights on the Order of the Seers Trilogy, interviews with me, reviews on The Red Order and spread the word about our sensational blog tour contest where you can win one of three prizes:

THE GRAND PRIZE: Autographed copies of Order of the Seers and The Red Order, 2 bookmarks, and a gift bag
THE 2nd prize: Autographed copy of The Red Order. 2 bookmarks and a gift bag
THE 3rd Prize: Autographed copy of The Red Order and a bookmark.

Plus - if you visit each blog on the tour AND leave a comment, one lucky gal or guy will get a BONUS SURPRISE.  {Psst...a little birdie told me it might have something to do with an exclusive sneak peak at the first few chapters of the final book in the Order of the Seers trilogy, but you didn't hear it from me ;-) }

So head on over to these fine blogs in THE AMAZING RED ORDER BLOG TOUR, learn somethin' new about yours truly and win a prize.  Have fun and see you on June 18th!

The AMAZING Hosts of The Red Order Blog Tour

6/12- The Reading Café (series spotlight)
6/13- Romance Junkies (interview)
6/14- Cocktails and Books (series spotlight)
6/15- Buffy’s Ramblings (series spotlight)
6/15 – Scorching Book Reviews (series spotlight)
6/16- You Gotta Read Reviews (series spotlight)
6/16 – The Next Chapter (series spotlight)
6/17- Paranormal Book Club (Guest Post & Review)
6/18- Book Monster Reviews (Guest Post)
6/20- Beach Bum Reads (series spotlight)
6/21- Night Owl Reads (series spotlight)
6/22-  Books, Books & More Books (series spotlight)
6/22 – Fandom Fanatic (series spotlight and interview)
6/23 – Literal Hotties Naughty Book Reviews (series spotlight)
6/23 – Urban Girl Reader (series spotlight)
6/24- Toot’s Book Reviews (interview & review)
6/25-  LITERAL ADDICTION (series spotlight & excerpt)
6/25 – Wicked Reading by Tawania (series spotlight)
6/25 – Vampires, Werewolves & Fairies Oh My! (Interview)
6/26-  Mad Hatter Reads (interview)
6/26 – Nette’s Bookshelf (series spotlight)

Special thanks to Carla Gallway at Book Monster Promotions for making all of this amazingness possible!  


  1. Hi Cerece!

    HUGE fan here :) I love your style of writing and I just think you're great! :)

    Have any ideas of when the next book in Order Of The Seers will be out? So, so excited!


    1. Hi Janet! Thanks so much for stopping by. First things first - I think your blog is very cool! I wish I was handy, but about the only think I can DIY is call someone else to do it! I own a glue gun, but the only thing I have managed to do with it is burn myself. Before the kids, I used to go yard sale and thrift store shopping all the time and loved it. Half my house is filled with those finds and I love them to this day (my husband, not so much).

      And don't feel too bad about updating your blog...look at mine! It's a shame.

      Thrilled to hear that you are enjoying the books. What an honor! I am working on the 3rd book in the trilogy now and while I don't have an ETA on when it will be done, I can tell you that my goal is to have it ready by sometime next summer. So hang in there. I'm doing my best to make it worth the wait.

      Take Care,