Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Introducing...Black Speculative Fiction Month!

October IS Black Speculative Fiction Month and I am so excited to introduce you to some truly talented voices in the world of sci-fi, paranormal, fantasy and horror literature.

The opportunity to bring these authors to you is something near and dear to my heart because, at some point during every convention where I have exhibited, someone walks up to my table in shock and innocently expresses their surprise that I am a black woman writing science fiction.  Often, they tell me that they didn't know that there was anyone of color writing in the science fiction genre.  Well, this month, I am so pleased to introduce you to a group of black writers, both men and women, who are putting out some amazing work that I think you will enjoy.

Throughout October, I will be posting my video reviews of some speculative fiction novels by indie authors of color that I think are just out of this world! I will post them here on my blog, as well as on Twitter and the Order of the Seers Facebook Page.  All of these books are available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon, so when you find one that peaks your interest, give it a try!

In addition to the fine authors featured on my videos, you can find out more about other black speculative fiction authors by clicking on the featured links below and visiting www.blackspeculativefictionmonth.com.  There are events happening all over the country, from Chicago to NY, DC to Atlanta (including a giveaway that I will be hosting with MV Media at New York Comic Con).  If you're in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and get to know a new and exciting author.

If you have read a speculative fiction novel by an author of color that you would like me to shout out, please respond below with a little information about the book and why you love it! Thanks Again and Happy Reading!

~ Check Out These New Voices in Speculative Fiction ~

1 Oct The Importance of Black Speculative Fiction by Balogun Ojetade http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-66

2 Oct The Laroarian Conflict by A. Jarrell Hayes http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6E

3 Oct Iniko by Alicia McCalla http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-5G

4 Oct The Constant Tower by Carole McDonnell http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6N

7 Oct Between Dusk and Dawn by Lynn Emery http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6y

8 Oct Taurus Moon Relic Hunter by D K Gaston http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6b

9 Oct The Other Realm by Deatri King-Bey http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6W

10 Oct The Serpent Cult by Howard Night http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6B

11 Oct Sin Eaters-Devotion Book One by Kai Leakes http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6H

14 Oct The Seedbearing Prince: Part I by DaVaun Sanders http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6q

15 Oct Spell by Janell http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-5N

17 Oct Woman of the Woods by Milton Davis http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6n

21 Oct Masoth The Journey Beyond by Ehav Ever http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6K

22 Oct Hayward's Reach by Thaddeus Howze http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6v

23 Oct Order of the Seers (Book I in the Order of the Seers Trilogy) by Cerece Rennie Murphy http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6Q
25 Oct  The Switch II: Clockwork by Valjeanne Jeffers http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6h

28 Oct The Temptation of John Haynes by Shawn James http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6k

29 Oct  Mamaluke Bath  by Andrew Asibong  http://wp.me/p2yAZ4-6e