Thursday, December 5, 2013

Something NEW from Order of the Seers - The Ominous Book Tour

Have you ever wondered what life was like for Liam while they were on the run or if Lilli ever had a vision of Marcus and Alessandra before they arrived at the commune?  What was Marcus' life like before the Guild and how did Alessandra cope with her estranged relationship with Liam?

Now is your time to find out.  

December 4-25th hosted by Prism Books Tour

December Dates
4 - Launch
5 - My Love For Reading Keeps Growing
Read peoples minds
7 - All That's Written
to know when people are liars
9 - Kelly P's Blog
super-fast healing! ;-)
10 - Cu's Ebook Giveaways
shape shifting >^.^<
11 - The Wonderings of One Person
reading minds
13 - The Real Deal
see into the future
15 - Nocturnal Predator Reviews
If I could have any super power I'd pick Mind Reading 
because I would love to know what everyone really thinks about me C:
16 - Life As Leels
To know when someone is lying!
17 - Painted Words
Hmmm stopping time? I'm not sure lol
19 - Literary Time Out
something that would get dinner on the table automatically, but I'm not sure what kind of power that would be :)
20 - AUDIOBOOK of Order of the Seers RELEASED!
22 - Colorimetry
I want to fly!
24 - Dalene's Book Reviews
The ability to be in two places at once or to jump places 
25 - Merry Christmas Grand Finale!

Each date of the tour, you will find book reviews, excerpts and EXCLUSIVE, never-before-seen letters, notes and interviews from Liam and Lilli Knight, Alessandra Pino and Marcus Akida that will give you new insight into the deepest thoughts and hidden secrets of each character.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover something NEW about Order of the Seers and WIN an array of exciting prizes, including:

  • Signed copies of Order of the Seers and The Red Order, along with a reuseable Order of the Seers tote bag and bookmarks 
  • An Order of the Seers Anniversary t-shirt (large)
  • An ebook copy of Order of the Seers on each blog stop, and 
  • A copy of the soon-to-be released audiobook for Order of the Seers.
I've participated in quite a few blog tours, but never one like this.  I am excited to bring something unique to fans of the Trilogy and give new readers a little taste of what's in store for them once they dive into the books. So please ~ stop by, enter to win, find out something new and HAVE FUN!  Special thanks to Laura and Tressa for making all this possible. :-)


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  1. Sounds awesome! I use my OotS totebag all the time when I get groceries!