Saturday, August 4, 2012

Get Your Geek On….

If you’ve never attended a science fiction convention or “Comic con”, you need to.  Even if you’re not a sci-fi lover like me – trust me, it is an experience you’ll never forget.  Let me give you some highlights from my first Shore Leave Sci-fi Convention in Hunt Valley, MD.  

In less than 4 hours I experienced:

1.       a) A fascinating 3-D mini-lecture on the difference between a nova and a supernova and the general bad-assery of the new and improved James Webb Space Telescope that will replace the Hubble in 2018.

NASA – Light Echo from a Star…whoa

 h   b) The waist cinching miracle of an exceptionally hand crafted, steel-bone corset.

 Yeah, there’s more where this came from at Lady Heather’s Fashion

       c) A man who, along with being a talented milliner, is also a Victorian Funk Rapper.  Don’t believe me – go to

 Lord Monty Jacques III aka Victorian rapper LMJ 3
d) The bizarre irony of being hit on by a man old enough to be my grandfather as he explained why I couldn’t be a true Amazon because real Amazons only have one breast.  Then he asked to feel one of mine to make sure it was real. I told him if he didn’t back down I would cut him with my light saber. (Did I mention that the moniker I chose for my convention nametag was Amazonian Maiden Jedi - Yeah, I went all the way.)

Plus, I took a picture with an enchanted fairy.

In short, I had so much fun.  I went to the conference on a kind of reconnaissance mission to promote my book and prepare for attending (and hopefully exhibiting) at the NY Comic Con this October, but what I came away with was a deep sense of community as everyone from the event staff in Hawaiian shirts to the exhibitors to the most die-hard Star Trek fans in their full regalia went out of their way to be helpful, share their knowledge and make me feel welcome.

Special thanks to Inge Heyer and the Star Trek Association of Towson, Inc. for hosting this event, Jade of Collector’s Kingdom for her generosity and my best friend, Kisha, for hanging tight even though she had no idea what we were talking about half the time.  I had a ball.

Live Long and Prosper!

(and thanks for reading)
~ Cerece


  1. Well, I'm kind of glad you have two breasts. It's an odd feeling, but true. LOL

    Sounds like you had a blast!


  2. Did she tell you she was an official representative of the Amazonians of Northwest Wash, DC? It's a radical sect of the original. I heard they are crazay (yes, misspelling intended).

  3. Thanks you guys! Lori, I kind of like being double breasted too. And Sekou, I can not comment on the radical nature of our sect, let's just say that YOU are on our list....beware! ;-)

  4. Thank you for taking the picture with my little one, she was thrilled that someone wanted her picture.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me take a picture with her. She is adorable. I hope that you are ok with me posting the photo. If you are not, I will absolutely take it down. Just say the word.